AICTE Reducing the Number of Engineering Institutions


In order to maintain quality education 275 engineering colleges have applied for closure,  said Anil Dattatraya Sahasrabudhe, AICTE chairman. AICTE Reducing the Number of Engineering Institutions. To tackle the jeopardising education quality the government took this transforming and firm step. So as to divert a large set of students to a more dynamically progressive and productive field and courses as well.

AICTE is likely to curtail the number of engineering students from 16.6 lakh to 10 lakh- 11 lakh. In the year 2015, the council has shut down 556 courses from each department of engineering colleges. And this year also it will be going to reduce engineering college up to 40%.

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A welcoming step by the Government

The government has always been keen on proving the milestone in every field, especially in the education sector. And this step is a favourable one as it will certainly do good for the betterment of students’ future and career growth as well. A welcoming step which enables the student to think beyond simply doing engineering. It will allow students to opt something better in which their preference dwells and not anything in which they are thrust upon.

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The above-stated thing is just one reason. And the second one is, that nowadays supply of the not so good colleges increasing at a rapid rate. But the devastating thing is that they are not able to procure good many numbers of students. And hence need to close down their colleges. One more pertinent reason behind this step is, apart from IITs, few IIITs and BITS-Pilani rest of the colleges are not standing on the good engineering colleges parameters. Especially in terms of quality education, good faculties, types of equipment and salary offered and the companies they get into for internships and jobs.

A survey report said that more than 90% of the engineering student are inefficient to deliver desirable result due to poor quality education. So again it would be beneficial to shut down 40% of the engineering colleges. And also the government will look after that no college will get forcefully curtailed down. And will also curb that these colleges will not turn into real estate.

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