REAP 2020 Syllabus: Rajasthan Technical University, Kota


Firstly, the REAP is a common admission process which provides admission in B.Tech degree course to candidates with valid JEE Main score. So, there is no separate test conducted by the RTU, Kota. Also, the REAP 2020 Syllabus will be same as JEE Main and it contains all the important topics. Moreover, these topics are of Class 11th and Class 12th. Therefore, it is important for the candidates to go through the syllabus. Also, the candidate can understand which topic needs priority over others. Finally, the candidates can then work hard on the topics in which the score is lesser.

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REAP 2020 Syllabus

REAP (Rajasthan Engineering Admission Process) 2020 Syllabus is as follow:

    • Units and Measurement

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    • Kinematics

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    • Work, Energy, and Power

    • Laws of Motion, Rotational Motion

    • Gravitation and Satellite

    • Mechanics of Solids and Fluids

    • Heat and Thermodynamics

    • Oscillations and Waves

    • Electrostatics

    • Current Electricity

    • Heating and Magnetic effect of current

    • Optics

    • Atomic and Nuclear Physics

    • Semiconductor physics

    • Electromagnetic induction

    • Alternating currents.

    • States of Matter

    • Atomic structure

    • Chemical bonding and molecular structure

    • Solutions

    • Chemical Thermodynamics

    • Equilibrium

    • Redox reactions and Electrochemistry

    • Chemical kinetics

    • Classification of elements and periodicity in properties

    • S-block elements

    • P-block elements

    • d & f block elements

    • Coordination compounds

    • Nomenclature

    • Basic principles of organic chemistry

    • Hydrocarbons

    • Organic compounds containing Halogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen

    • Stereochemistry

    • Bio-molecules

    • Polymers

    • Algebra

    • Matrices and Determinants

    • Trigonometry

    • 2D Co-ordinate geometry

    • 3D Co-ordinate geometry

    • Vectors

    • Differential Calculus

    • Integral Calculus

    • Differential Equations

    • Probability

    • Statistics

    • Linear programming.

Important Note for  Aspiring Candidates

Firstly, candidates should make a detailed note of all the topics included in the JEE Main and should prepare each and every topic thoroughly. So, knowing the syllabus will help the candidates prepare effectively. Therefore, the paper contains subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Also, this syllabus will be based on the XI and XII standard. Moreover, it should also be noted that REAP authorities will not conduct any separate entrance test for admission. Finally, the candidates should visit the RTU website for detail regarding REAP 2020.

Moreover, the official website of REAP 2020 is

Refer link for Application form And Important date are here.

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