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Secret to Score 360 / 360 in JEE Main 2021

Secret to Score 360 / 360 in JEE Main 2021
JEE Main Full score

The Secret to Score 360 / 360 in JEE Main 2021: Every year more than 10 Lakh students appear in JEE Main and some of them dream of getting 360 / 360 marks. But in JEE Main 2017, Kalpit Veerwal from Udaipur created history by becoming the first person to achieve full marks in JEE. Until now this was never considered possible. But this guy went against all odds and did the impossible. The JEE Main 2021 is being conducted in multiple Sessions (February/March/April/May 2021). Check JEE Main 2021 Detailed Information Here.

However, as has always been known, the harder one work, the more he’ll grow. What Kalpit has done is a humongous achievement at present, but this is only because he is one of those very few who worked hard at the most extreme levels. His achievement can be replicated by anyone by again scoring 360 / 360 who is ready to work at that level. Another fact, his success at the JEE mains wasn’t able to get him the top position in the JEE Advanced. The reason only being a matter of perspective and application of knowledge. Read about JEE Mains 2021 here.

The aspirants must read the below article to know key points or Secret to Score 360 / 360 in JEE Main 2018-2019.

JEE Main 2017 Topper Kalpit Veerwal scores 360 out of 360

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What is the Secret to Score 360 / 360 in JEE Main 2021?

How to Score 360 / 360 in JEE Main 2021? If aspirants seek to reach the pinnacle of JEE Exams by scoring 360 / 360, 3 things that are necessary.

  1. A Perspective to know what one wants
  2. Practice and Knowledge – These two go hand in hand. The more one practices, the more he/she will learn.
  3. A Motivation to achieve the desired

All of these things are up to the candidate, none of these can be done by anyone else other than him/her. However, if an aspirant wants to know some tips and tricks to achieve massive success in JEE (360 / 360 score), here are some points which can help the aspirant in his/her way.

Need to Know the Syllabus

Applicant must be clear about the syllabus of JEE Main and should be clear what he/she wants to study. NCERT book is the most important part of JEE Main syllabus. One should go through NCERT and clear their basis to achieve their goal of a full score.

Eliminate the chances of making mistakes through simulation

The students should try to eliminate their weaknesses and make an attempt to remove the chances of any small mistakes while they practice. Silly mistakes can be avoided with practice. Candidates can set simulation of an exam and try to complete questions within a stipulated period of time. This allows them to identify the mistakes and help them in rectifying them.

Time Management is Necessary

Time is an important element which one tends to waste. Managing time is very important. If the candidates want to prepare for JEE, make the best attempts to have as much time as possible for studies. With that said, do try to take a break from studies in between, especially before going onto some new topic or subject. That would refresh the mind and make one prepared for the next task.

Thorough Revision of Complete Syllabus

Revision is another important part to do before any kind of exam. Applicants could properly execute questions only when their concepts are clear, and the concepts would only be clear only if they revise them. Not doing revision would only create confusion and doubts.

Mentality Towards Mathematics Subject

Many candidates say that Mathematics is tough. Indeed it is tough, but not because of the content of the subject. But because of the practice that is needed. The latter part is something most don’t do or give up after some time. Mathematics is a subject which requires a lot of time, patience and practice. At first, it may seem difficult, but once you start doing it regularly, over time it becomes a habit. Practice in Mathematics is like the cave one fear to enter but which holds the treasure one seeks.

The need for Some Exposure

There is another thing one need that could take a candidate to a level beyond others. That is an experience. For the JEE exams, experience is what would help him/her having an edge over the others. Candidates can gain a decent level of experience by participating in National Olympiads which consist of some subjects and topics which could be out of his school syllabus, and so would require an additional amount of effort. This will help one to tackle any new hurdle in JEE Main exam.

Importance of Working Smart

Yes, it is essential to work hard, but at the same time, one should know what they are working on and understand its importance in order to perceive their situation well and do their task effectively and efficiently. The same applies to JEE Exams. Hard work alone doesn’t reward anything. In order to complete the exam on time and also be able to attempt all the questions, one would need to prepare them in a way through which they can be flexible with their answers. The best way here would be to take some time to read questions, solve the easier ones first and then dedicate the time for tougher questions.

Importance of Making Notes

The aspirant should make bullet point notes that are really important for last-minute efficient and quick revision. Candidates should not try to mug up or read anything new before the exam and should sleep properly before the exam. Sleeping properly is a key feature as it will keep one’s mind fresh and will help him/her in the exam.

Books and Guides are Essential

NCERT books are the primary source one should look for gaining knowledge. Only when they complete these books should look for other sources which have complex questions and deep analysis.

For practice, the candidates can refer to HC Verma Books or the series of Arihant Skills in Mathematics books.

The official website of JEE Main 2021 click here.

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