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Techno India Group is known to be one of the largest as well as most acclaimed Knowledge Management Groups. Located in Asia and Techno India University is one of the leading private engineering and the technological university of India with several campuses built all over the country.

Admissions are open for the student to enrol in this college in various courses.

Techno India University


Techno India University has the sole mission to create a continuous flow of superior quality human resources that is also capable of meeting as well as successfully overcoming all the global challenges of tomorrow & to contribute effectively to the global developments, with superior knowledge at their forefront & in the background as  the most potent tool as well.

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Techno India University has the vision:

  • To be standing amongst the top 5 Best Universities in India by the year 2018.

  •  And also standing amongst the 50 best Global Universities by the year 2025.

  • One of the most sought-after hubs for the intellectual development, skills enhancement, and research proliferation.

  • Impart efficient knowledge driven education of highest quality.

  • Create world class infrastructure & allied facilities in order to foster research, industrial consultancy, and product development.

  • To build the best Industry-Academia interface in order to leverage the best collaborative outputs in terms of recruitment, research, and consultancy as well as industrial training.

Techno India University Course Overview:

  1. Electrical Engineering

  2. Electronics and Communication Engineering

  3. Civil Engineering

  4. Mechanical Engineering

  5. Computer Science Engineering

  6. Information Technology

  7. Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

  8. Food Technology

Techno India University Application/Admission Procedure:

  1. To take admission, students must first visit the official website of Techno India University.

  2. After visiting the site, candidates must carefully read the information bulletins and brochure for checking all the relevant information, important details of admission and eligibility criteria.

  3. Then they must fill up the application form correctly providing all the information that are asked for and choose the program and the course for which they wish to get themselves admitted to the University.

  4. Thereafter they must proceed to the next section of the application process and pay the required application fee in order to successfully complete the application procedure for their admission at Techno India University.

 TIU 2017 (Techno India Universit)Scholarships:

Techno India University is extremely committed to the task of developing young talents by progressively honing their skills which will be required to meet the exacting as well as dynamic demands of all modern-day industries in this world. With this thought in mind, Techno India University organizes a talent hunt every year throughout the entire nation. This quest is organized and executed through an examination which culminates in rewarding all the best meritorious talents with the appropriate scholarships which will last for their entire tenure while studying in Techno India University.

Research at a Glance:

The Ph.D. programs at Techno India University is a post-graduate program which focuses solely on original research works. And, it generally, results in the publications in many premier conferences or national and international journals. The students usually study few courses in the first few semesters. And then finally dedicate themselves completely to their research works. Techno India University offers the Ph.D. programs for a huge number of engineering disciplines. Besides disciplines of Engineering, TIU offers a Ph.D. program for many Science and Management post-graduates as well. These academic programs are of 5 years.

Techno India University offers Ph.D. in 2 forms – independent form and integrated form. Integrated form of Ph.D. is the new innovative course that is offered by TIU which has combined the MTech programs and Ph.D. programs in each & every Engineering as well as Science & Management courses that are taught at the University. All these broad objectives of Ph.D. programs isn’t only to keep a pace with all the expanding frontiers of the knowledge base but also in order to provide research training which is relevant to our present social & economic objectives of the country. Techno IndiaUniversiy undertakes many development projects works from several industrial and other organizations in both public and private sectors.

Seminars, Conferences, Projects and Patents:

  1. International Conference: Computer, Electrical & Communication, 2016.

  2. National Seminar: Changing landscape of jobs, August 2016

  3.  And various other Seminars as Heat Transfer Augmentation using Nanofluids, August 2016, Solar Energy: The New Challenges for future, 2016, Role of Statistics & Modeling in Basic Science Research, 2016.


  1. Influence of suspended solids on in-situ & ex-situ chlorophyll A: A case study in Indian Sundarbans, written by Atanu Kumar Raha, Kakoli Banerjee, Susmita Das and Abhijit Mitra, published by SPRINGER 2013, Chapter 12, page no. 179 – 190.

  1. Salinity based Allometric equations for a biomass estimation of the Sundarban mangroves, written by Kakoli Banerjee, Kasturi Sengupta, Atanu Raha and Abhijit Mitra, published by Biomass & Bioenergy: (ELSEVIER) 2013, Vol. 56, page no. 382 – 391.

  1. Blue carbon: A hidden treasure in climate change science, written by Abhijit Mitra, published in Journal of Marine Science Research and Development, 2013, Vol. 3.

Campus Location:

Address: EM-4, Sector-V, Salt Lake, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091

Link to the official website of

Other Campus Location: 

Mankundu,  Darjeeling,  Cooch Behar, Bhubaneswar, SaltLake (kolkata), NCR Delhi, Haryana, Mumbai, Barrackpure, Bandipur, Durgapur, Hoogly, Bolpur, Bishnupur.