Tips for Choosing an Engineering Colleges & Branch in India

Choosing Engineering Colleges & Branch
Choosing an Engineering Colleges & Branch

Most of the parents and children’s through the same question after clearing 10+2 board exams and different entrance test. Career choice for arts, commerce & medical students are almost clear, (as not much option available in India) yet, a lot of thought process & suggestions comes while opting the right branch in engineering.

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Tips for Choosing an Engineering Colleges & Branch in India:

If you’ve just appearing for your 12th board exams and are interested in opting an Engineering course, the most difficult question is which college and which branch. and at the same time, the most critical decision of your life. Parents & aspirants have been asking me this query for almost 10 years now, and based on my mixed experience, here is the guidance that I give to soon-to-be engineers.

College vs Branch
Which College vs Which Branch

How to decide an engineering college and branch after 12th?

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Branch is important or not?

Branch is not all that important!

This is ill-advised. And the myth starts with if the student is studying in a good college, all branches have “good scope”.

If you study in a substandard college, a good branch is not going to help you. Also, so-called “good” branches are over-crowded, because everybody is getting into that field.

Nobody truly knows which branch will have the “good scope” after 10 years from now.

After completing engineering Changing of field is very common.

Sometimes the student interested field is irrelevant.

This is real confusion. 12th appearing candidates tells me – “He is more interested in Computers and doesn’t like Mechanical.” Honestly, in 12th class, Students have no clue what any specific field involves in.

College Matters or Not?

It’s in fashion to say the college doesn’t matter. And it is very common to give examples of candidates from substandard colleges who is successful in professional life. But that’s unsound logic. Students who got placement in spite of being in an unfavourable college, are probably getting placed in spite of the college, not because of the college. And probably would have done better if the student had been admitted to a better college.

Better colleges
Better colleges

City Matters or Not?

Yes, the city always matters. So, doing a degree in Chandigarh or Delhi NCR, is, in my opinion, clearly better than doing it in a college in Hisar.

Engineering vs other fields of studies

Frankly, It’s very difficult to question and to give advice on whether one should do Engineering or something else.

Here are a few tips for choosing an engineering colleges & branch in India:

tips for choosing an engineering colleges & branch in India

If your opinion differs from mine, please comment below, with your opinion, and we can discuss further.