ITSAT 2020 Syllabus: ICFAI Tech School Admission Test Syllabus


Firstly, ITSAT 2020 Syllabus will be prepared by the ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education, Hyderabad. Also, Admission Test for ICFAI Tech (ATIT) is a prestigious exam by The ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education.

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Moreover, the University offers several specializations namely Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Communication Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Further, for admission into its campuses in Jharkhand, Raipur, Dehradun, Hyderabad, Jaipur, and Tripura.

ITSAT 2020 Syllabus

Firstly, the exam will be online as well as offline both of which will be conducted in the 3rd week of April 2020. Also, while knowing some of the details about the exam beforehand helps the student to prepare well for the examination ITSAT 2020.

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Then, as you are already aware of the exam pattern through the previously written article, here, we will talk about the syllabus according to which the question paper has been designed. Also, the question paper will consist of four subjects namely PCM and English with 30 questions from each subject.

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ITSAT Subject Wise Syllabus 2020 & Syllabus weightage bitsat 2020


Firstly, the syllabus has been designed in such a way that it is composed of two sections namely Section A which is referred to the theory part of the subject and has been given 80% weightage whereas Section B which refers to the practical implementation has been given 20% weightage.

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Also, the topics to be studied include kinematics, gases, physics and measurement work, energy and power, laws of motion, rotational motion, kinetic gases, gravitation, properties of solids and liquid, oscillations and waves, thermodynamics, and electrostatics.

ITSAT-ICFAI Tech School Admission Test Syllabus


The topics covered are into two parts.

  1. Physical Chemistry includes some basic concepts of chemistry, states of matter, atomic structure, chemical bonding including ionic and covalent bonding, chemical thermodynamics, solutions, equilibrium, redox reactions and electrochemistry, chemical kinetics and surface chemistry
  2. Inorganic Chemistry includes Classification of elements and periodicity in properties, general principles and processes of isolation of metals, hydrogen and S-block elements consisting of Alkali and Alkali Earth Metals.


The topics to be studied on this subject include:

  • sets relations and functions
  • complex numbers and quadratic equations
  • matrices and determinants
  • permutations and combinations
  • mathematical induction
  • binomial theorem and its simple applications
  • sequences and series
  • limit continuity and differentiability
  • integral calculus, differential equations
  • coordinate geometry including straight lines and circles
  • conic sections
  • three-dimensional geometry
  • vector algebra
  • statistics and probability
  • trigonometry and mathematical reasoning

Here is the PDF of the syllabus of ITSAT 2020

How The Download the Syllabus of ITSAT 2020

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  • Initially, a candidate has to visit the official site of ITSAT 2020
  • Check the website properly and go into the section of Entrance examination admissions etc and scroll for the syllabus.
  • After that click on the syllabus pdf if they have it and the file will automatically be downloaded on your device.
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ITSAT Hyderabad

ITSAT-ICFAI Tech School Admission Test conducted by The ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education (IFHE), Hyderabad

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