One Single Entrance Exam for Engineering and Architecture 2018 onward

One Single Entrance Exam
One Single Entrance Exam

One Single Entrance Exam – The government is pondering over to make education system work more explicitly clear and transparent as well. And working is out on it, the government is planning to compile all the engineering and architecture entrance exam. And will conduct only one gateway to enter into various fields such as B.Tech and B.Arch. One single window exam for engineering and architecture from 2018 will definitely bear fruitful consequences.

One Single Entrance Exam for Engineering and Architecture:

Problem 1) There are a plethora of colleges that are self-financed or are the private institution and they charge an exorbitant fee from the students. And keep hiking the fee every passing year.

Solution: In order to tackle such kind of corruption and the notoriously venal act of several institutions across our country, and now the government-run body AICTE (All India Council For Technical Education) will look after this via one entrance exam.

Problem 2) These type of yearly national exams posses umpteen of thrust and pressurise the minds of millions every year.

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Solution: The AICTE, upper echelon body of the GOI ( government of India) keep on eradicating obsolete ongoing systems from our education sectors. And once again going to prove milestone by curtailing the stress, the student bear every year. And the government decided to transform this one time in a year exam to fall multiple times from 2018 onwards.

Problem 3) the ample number of students fail to qualify JEE Main and plans to skip one whole year working on it.

Solution: Multiple numbers of exams will going to tackle this problem. As after failing in the first attempt the student can go on to book the next schedule to take the test.

A Much Awaiting Crucial Work By The AICTE

There are 8 Lakhs (approx) graduate in our country every year but only half of the graduate population receives employment. This is the worst scenario of our literate country. And this is all because of the poor education system. Which beliefs to run business merely by charging a lump sum amount to the student, instead of providing quality education.

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