10 Careers Options for Music Lovers: Jobs Music Lovers Can Take Up


10 Careers Options for Music Lovers: There are many ways people choose to express themselves in their lives. People who are more artistically inclined are more interested in creative careers like art, music, dance, film-making etc. and want to share it with the world.  A career in music does not just involve writing and creating music but much more. People to manage the behind the scenes are also very much required in bringing music to their specific audience.

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10 Careers Options for Music Lovers

Hence people who want a career in creating or producing music have many opportunities available such as:

Song Writer 

If you’re a poet at heart, and you like to express your emotions through words fashioned in a lyrical way then this career is the best for you. Song writers benefit from a degree in literature or creative writing.

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Music Composer

A composer is someone who creates new jingles through application of music theory. They compose the melodies for performers, advertisements, films and tv programs. 

A bachelor’s degree is beneficial as Composition programs include coursework in music analysis and history, composition techniques, ear training and conducting all very important subjects to become a skilled and proficient composer. 

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DJ For Clubs 

If you love parties, music and bringing people together then a career in Djing might be good for you. A DJ provides the soundtrack to the party and is usually the main event, similar to going to see a band. A large portion of DJs are self taught, although DJ schools and classes have started to exist. Most DJs initially get jobs through networking, henceforth building a fan base, and therefore a reputation.

Instrument Repair, Restoration and Tuning 

Instruments wear out, break, need tuning all the time.An Instrument repair technician will repair and restore these instruments and bring them back to life again. The National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians talks about the jobs “A repair tech is a problem-solver, mechanic, acoustician, plumber, musician, bodyworker, innovator, painter, jeweler, tool and die maker, electroplater, counselor, buffer, chemist, designer, carpenter and machine tool operator all in one”

A person must attend instrument repair school or self-study as part of their music education journey. 

Music Lawyer

The job of a music or entertainment lawyer is to manage legal matters for artists. These include copyrights, contracts, labor negotiations with crews, equipement and space rental for the performing artists and other production liability concerns. 

In order to become a lawyer, first one must earn a bachelor’s degree in any major. The next step is to then attend a law school accredited by the American Bar Association. This step takes 3 years to complete. Further the education is life long for a lawyer to keep updated with ever changing rules and regulations. This is a handsomely paid career option for people who are interested in both the music industry and being a lawyer. 

Concert Promoter 

A concert promoter organises shows by booking talent, venues and then marketing those events to the audiences. They are also responsible for intricate details like connecting the right act to the right venue, negotiating a financially-viable event contract, managing transportation, getting tickets sold, making sure the stage and equipment is properly set up. People who are detail oriented and love managing people would have a great time in this career. 


A roadie is someone who works and handles behind the scenes of a concert. There are many who work under this term including Guitar Tech, Lighting Engineer, Sound Engineer, Front of House, Monitors and all other kinds of things. And hence anybody who tours with a touring concert production is called a roadie. 

A person interested in this career needs some kind of sound training which can be gained at a production school. Most roadies start out by touring with bands they know personally and need assistance on the road. 

And finally 

Musician/Performance Artist 

This is one of the most glamourous acts of the music industry as you are at the front of the audience. A musician or performer performs, composes, conducts and arranges their music. The artist may work alone or as part of a group.. A famous career in music can lead to great amounts of success and fame. 

Musicians usually play either classical, rock, country, jazz, or folk music, but many also play several musical styles, hence to understand all these different styles and nuances of the music field it is a good decision to be trained from a well established music school. Musicians and singers also constantly need training and regular practice to keep their skills and talent at the best level possible and hence must train regularly. 

A career in music is one of the most rewarding careers if one has a passion for it. 

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