NCERT Class 7 Exemplar: Download Maths, Science Solutions PDF Here


NCERT Class 7 Exemplar for Class 7 Science and Maths PDF with solutions is available here. The NCERT Exemplars are important for the candidates who want to score maximum marks in the school examinations. Exemplars are basically the practice books that contain questions that are slight of a higher level than the normal textbook exercise. The NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths will help the students to get more in-depth knowledge of the concepts and ideas. This will be helpful for higher-level competitive exam preparation. In this article, NCERT Exemplar Chapter-wise solutions have been provided in pdf format. 

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NCERT Class 7 Exemplar


The syllabus and curriculum of all the CBSE affiliated schools are decided by the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT). NCERT syllabus is designed as per the guidelines of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF). The NCERT textbook also comes with an exemplar book. These textbooks provide an elaborate description of each topic given in the main textbook. Students who are aspiring to appear in the competitive exams in the future must study from the NCERT Exemplar Class 7 chapter-wise. Studying from the exemplar textbook will help the students to have more detailed knowledge of the subject.

NCERT Class 7 Exemplar Maths with Solutions 

Students who are studying in class 7 must definitely check the NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Maths with Solutions. The chapter-wise solutions to exemplar exercise questions will help the students to understand the problem in which they have difficulty while solving. So, the exemplar books are very significant for an elaborate understanding of any concept. Also, the level of these textbooks is slightly higher than the regular textbook. 

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Download Maths Exemplar Class 7 (Chapter-wise)

In this section, we have provided a detailed analysis of each chapter of the NCERT Exemplar Solution for Class 7 Maths. Candidates can download the PDF of each chapter and prepare for the exam according to the curriculum. Each chapter in the exemplar book is based on the chapters and topics given in the main exercise book. Let us look at the chapter-wise topics given in the Maths. The chapter-wise topics in the Maths exemplar book are given below:

  • Chapter 1 – Integers
  • Chapter 2 – Fractions and Decimals
  • Chapter 3 – Data Handling
  • Chapter 4 – Simple Equations
  • Chapter 5 – Lines and Angles
  • Chapter 6 – Triangles
  • Chapter 7 – Comparing Quantities
  • Chapter 8 – Rational Numbers
  • Chapter 9 – Perimeter and Area
  • Chapter 10 – Algebraic Expressions
  • Chapter 11 – Exponents and Powers
  • Chapter 12 – Practical Geometry Symmetry and Visualizing Solid Shapes

Download – Class 7 NCERT Maths Exemplar

Class 7 Exemplar Maths Answers

The students can also download the NCERT Exemplar Answers Class 7 in pdf format. The answers will help students to learn the solution to the difficult questions. Also, students can match their own responses from the one given in the answer book of the exemplar. The answer books are also available in PDF format. Students can easily download and save a copy of the answer book from the link provided below.

Download – Class 7 NCERT Maths Exemplar Answers

NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Science with Solutions 

Students can also download the NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Science from the pdf links. The exemplar book of Science covers all the topics which are prescribed in the main textbook. Apart from the topics in the main textbook, the exemplar also contains a more detailed analysis of a few important concepts which could be useful for higher studies. Therefore, the students who aspire to pursue higher education in the science stream must definitely study from the exemplar book. Also, there are exercise questions given at the end of each chapter. Solving these questions will improve the understanding of that any particular topic.

Class 7 Science Exemplar (Chapter-wise)

The students must check the detailed chapter-wise NCERT Exemplar Solution Science Class 7. The exemplar textbook is available in pdf format. So students can easily download and save a copy of the textbook for any future purposes. The analysis of each chapter is provided in the exemplar textbook. This book will help the students to understand the topics more clearly. In the main book, the explanation is very limited. So with the help of exemplar books, students can easily comprehend some of the difficult concepts and theories. The details of the topics and chapter name in class 7 Science exemplar are given below:

  • Chapter 1- Nutrition in Plants
  • Chapter 2- Nutrition in Animals
  • Chapter 3- Fibre to Fabric
  • Chapter 4- Heat
  • Chapter 5- Acids, Bases, and Salts
  • Chapter 6- Physical and Chemical Changes
  • Chapter 7- Weather, Climate and Adaptation of Animals to Climate
  • Chapter 8- Wind, Storm, and Cyclone
  • Chapter 9- Soil
  • Chapter 10- Respiration in Organisms
  • Chapter 11- Transportation in Animals and Plants
  • Chapter 12- Reproduction in Plants
  • Chapter 13- Motion and Time
  • Chapter 14- Electric Current and Its Effects
  • Chapter 15- Light
  • Chapter 16- Water: A Precious Resource
  • Chapter 17- Forests: Our Lifeline
  • Chapter 18- Wastewater Story

Download – Class 7 NCERT Science Exemplar

Download NCERT Class 7 Science Exemplar Answers

Apart from the exercise textbook, students can also download the NCERT Class 7 Science EXemplar Answers from the link given in this article. The answers to the exercise questions and practice tests from each chapter will help the students to learn and prepare for the exam. There are few questions that are difficult and students will need help to find their solutions. For such questions, the exemplar answers will be helpful.

Download – Class 7 NCERT Science Exemplar Answers

Price of Class7 Exemplar Book

The students can buy a hard copy of the exemplar problem book from the market. The prices of the NCERT textbooks are reasonably low as compared to the other publications. NCERT books come at lower prices as it is a government organization. Therefore, students can check the prices of NCERT class 7 paperback from the table given below:

Prices of NCERT Exemplar Class 7
Name of the Book Price
Maths Exemplar Book Rs.180/- (including GST)
Science Exemplar Book Rs.60/- (including GST)

Benefits of NCERT Exemplar 

The NCERT books are very beneficial for the students who aspire to understand any chapter in detail. Some of the major benefits of NCERT Exemplar Class 7 are listed below:

  • The NCERT books are easily comprehensible. 
  • The language of the book is easy to understand for the students.
  • These textbooks are designed under the guidance of teachers and members who have expertise in the subject.
  • There are practice test questions given at the end of each chapter to develop the thinking and analytical ability of the students.
  • NCERT Exemplar books are beneficial for preparing for any future examinations. 
  • The basic concepts and theories explained in the exemplar books will help the students to prepare for future competitive exams.
  • The NCERT exemplar books come at a very low price and so it is easily affordable by most of the students.
  • NCERT books are recommended in most of the state boards and all the CBSE-affiliated schools.


The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is an autonomous organization set up in 1961 by the Government of India. This government organization works upon the qualitative improvement in school education. NCERT also recommends the course curriculum for various schools, especially the CBSE affiliated schools. Many state boards also follow the frameworks of SCERT, which is a state-subordinates of NCERT. 

FAQs on Class 7 Exemplar

Q1. How can I download the NCERT Class 7 Exemplar?

Ans: The textbook is available in PDF format. Students can easily download it from the link attached in this article.

Q2. Is NCERT Class 7 exemplar also available in Hindi Medium?

Ans: Yes, the NCERT exemplar problem is available both in Hindi and English medium.

Q3. Does the NCERT Class exemplar have answers?

Ans: Yes, the answers are also given for exemplar books.

Q4. Is NCERT exemplar for class 7 free?

Ans: Yes, a free pdf download is available here.

Q5. How many subjects have NCERT exemplar?

Ans: NCERT exemplar comes for Science and Maths subjects.

NCERT Exemplar for all Classes

Students can also check out the NCERT exemplar of other classes here. Click on the respective class given below to go to the relevant NCERT Exemplar of Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

NCERT Class 6 to 12  Exemplar
NCERT Exemplar for Class 6 NCERT Exemplar for Class 7 NCERT Exemplar for Class 9
NCERT Exemplar for Class 10 NCERT Exemplar for Class 11 NCERT Exemplar for Class 12

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