134 Computer Science & IT Engineering & Allied Courses Approved by AICTE

134 Computer Science
134 Computer Science & IT Engineering & Allied Courses

The AICTE – All India Council for Technical Education listed 134 Computer Science & IT Engineering & Allied Courses. And the CSE is an important course and almost in all the engineering colleges. Computer science is the study of design and use of computers where details of the theory, experimentation, and engineering that form the basis of the study.

The fields are divided into two parts i.e. theoretical and practical disciplines. For example, programming is considered as various approaches to computation, while the study of computer programming is the investigation of various aspects of the programming and complex systems.

134 Computer Science & IT Engineering & Allied Courses

The CSE & IT is majorly divided into 20 courses. And they are Cad/cam, Communication and information systems, Computational analysis in mechanical science, Computer aided design, Computer and communication engineering, Computer networking, Computer science, Cyber forensics, Digital communication, Embedded systems, Geoinformatics, Information engineering, Microwaves, Nanotechnology, Networking, Remote sensing, Signal processing, Software systems, Web designing.

Job & Scope in Computer Science

The Job scenario in computer science shows growth of 11 percent for Database Administrators, 17 percent for Software Developers and 15 percent for Computer and Information Systems Manager by 2024.

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Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Career Education Requirements Other Requirements Job Growth (2014-2024)* Median Salary (2015)*
Database Administrator Bachelor’s degree Certifications offered by database vendors 11% $81,710
Software Developer Bachelor’s degree An internship or prior experience as a computer programmer preferred 17% 15%
Computer and Information Systems Manager Bachelor’s degree Work experience may be required 15% $131,600

Career Options for CSE and IT candidates

Candidates with Computer degrees have many options to work in, whether Students are interested in computer science or information technology.

Digitalization brings more job options for the Computer Science students, as most of the fields are going to be digitalised. And the need of skilled executives in CSE and IT is required to work in these fields.

Government jobs are opening in this field and even at the block level jobs being created for Data and analyst.

Best Colleges in India for CSE

Most of the IITs & NITs have CSE & IT department which students should opt for computer learning.

The list of all the approved computer science is listed here:

134 Computer & IT Engineering & Allied Courses Approved by AICTE