JEXPO 2020 and VOCLET 2020: Application Form (Extended), Eligibility


JEXPO 2020 and VOCLET 2020 Application Form last date was 30 April 2020. West Bengal State Council Of Technical And Vocational Education & Skill Development (WEBSCTE) conducts the JEXPO & VOCLET 2020. It is a State level Common Entrance Examination for the admissions in the first year of the Diploma courses offered by various polytechnic colleges in the West Bengal State. Candidates can get admission to the First Year of Diploma in Engineering & Technology through JEXPO-2020 and Lateral Entry in Second Year through VOCLET-2020. Candidates can check the complete details regarding the JEXPO and VOCLET 2020 in the article below:

Upcoming Application Form

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JEXPO / VOCLET Notifications – Exam Postponed

  • JEXPO 2020 Online Application Form last date was 30 April 2020 (Extended). 
  • And the JEXPO Exam has been postponed due to COVID-19. The new dates will release soon by the authority.

JEXPO & VOCLET 2020 Exam Dates

The important dates for JEXPO and VOCLET 2020 exam are given in the table below:

JEXPO 2020 Exam Dates
Events Dates (Announced)
Application Form Available 02 January 2020
Last Date to submit Online Application Form 30 April 2020 (Extended)
Admit Card Download Postponed
JEXPO 2020 Exam Date Postponed
Result/Merit List Publish May 2020
Counselling Starts 3rd week of June 2020

The above-mentioned dates are as per the notification released by the authority.

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JEXPO 2020 Application Form

The details regarding the JEXPO 2020 Application form are given below:

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  • The Application Form for JEXPO was made available on 02 January 2020
  • The application form releases in both offline and online modes.
  • JEXPO 2020 application form last date was 30 April 2020 (Extended).
  • Also, the OMR application along with Information Brochure will be available in all the Government, Government-sponsored and self-financed Polytechnics affiliated to the WBSCT, VE, and SD.
  • The government ITIs including PTP run Private and Government ITIs in West Bengal and one centre in Tripura.
  • Candidates are advised to take a printout of the application form for further use.

VOCLET 2020 Application Form

The vital information regarding the VOCLET 2020 Application form is given below:

  • The Application form for JEXPO 2020 was released on 02 January 2020.
  • VOCLET 2020 application form was available in online mode on the official website.
  • Candidates can get admission in the Second Year Classes of Diploma in Engineering & Technology through VOCLET-2020.
  • The last date for Application form submission was 30 April 2020 (Extended).
  • Candidates can fill the online application form from the official website.
  • Candidates may fill the detail asked as per the guidelines.

JEXPO and VOCLET 2020 Application Fee

The vital information regarding the application fee is mentioned below:

Category Online Form Fee Offline Form Fee
General and Reserved Candidates Rs. 500 Rs. 450
Kanyashree enrollees Rs. 250 Rs. 225

Mode of Payment: Candidates can pay the fee through online as well as offline mode.

JEXPO and VOCLET 2020 Eligibility Criteria

The vital information regarding the Eligibility criteria is mentioned below:

  • The Candidate applying must be a citizen of India.
  • Also, the candidate must have passed class 10th or an examination equivalent, with English, Physical Science/Science and Mathematics from any Government Recognised Board.
  • Most importantly the candidates should have scored a minimum 35% aggregate in the qualifying exam without any additional subjects.
  • Also, there is no upper age limit, but the age of the candidate should not be after 01 July 2002.
  • Moreover, the appearing students can apply again.

How to Fill the JEXPO and VOCLET 2020 Application Form

Candidates can follow the below-mentioned steps to fill the application form.

Online Application Form

  • Visit the official website.
  • Click on the link of the application form.
  • Enter the details asked for registration.
  • After completing the registration, candidates will get a user id and password.
  • log in with the credentials and fill the application form.
  • Then pay the application fee and submit the form.

Offline Application Form

  • Firstly, Candidates may collect the Application Form from the WBSCTE Campus.
  • Then fill all the details asked in the form.
  • After entering all the details asked correctly, candidates have to submit the application form at any WBSCTE polytechnic institute.

JEXPO & VOCLET 2020 Exam Pattern

The details regarding the JEXPO and VOCLET 2020 Exam Pattern is mentioned below:

  • Mode of exam: The exam is in offline mode.
  • Type of Questions: The questions will be of Multiple choice questions (MCQ).
  • Duration: The exam will be of 2 hours.
  • Number of Questions: 100 questions.
  • Total Marks:
  • Language: The question paper will be in English and Bengali language.
  • Negative marking: For an incorrect answer, there will be a negative marking of 0.25 marks for each incorrect answer.

The marks distribution of JEXPO and VOCLET 2020 are mentioned below:

Candidates can check the distribution of questions of JEXPO exam from the table given below.

Subject Total Marks
Mathematics 50
Physics 25
Chemistry 25

Candidates can check the distribution of questions of VOCLET from the table given below.

Subject Total Marks
Mathematics 20
Physics 20
Chemistry 20
Mechanics 20
Computer Science 20

JEXPO 2020 Syllabus

The complete information regarding the JEXPO 2020 Syllabus is mentioned below:

Mathematics Syllabus

  • Real Numbers
  • Laws of Indices
  • Graph
  • co-ordinate Geometry-Distance Formula, Internal and External
  • Division of Straight Line Segment, Area of Triangular Region,
  • Logarithm.
  • Linear Simultaneous Equations
  • Properties of Parallelogram
  • Polynomial, Factorisation
  • Transversal & Mid-Point Theorem
  • Profit & Loss
  • Statistics
  • Theorems on Area
  • Construction of a Parallelogram whose measurement of one angle is given an equal in an area of a Triangle
  • Construction of a Triangle equal in an area of a quadrilateral, Area & Perimeter of Triangle
  • Quadrilateral shaped region
  • Circumference of Circle
  • Theorems on concurrence
  • Area of a circular region
  • Quadratic Equations with one variable
  • Simple Interest
  • Theorems related to circle
  • Rectangular Parallelepiped or Cuboid
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Compound Interest and Uniform Rate of Increase or Decrease
  • Theorems related to Angles in a Circle
  • Right Circular Cylinder
  • Quadratic Surd
  • Theorems related to Cyclic Quadrilateral
  • Construction of circumcircle and incircle of a triangle Sphere Variation
  • Partnership Business
  • Theorems related to Tangent to a Circle
  • Right Circular Cone Similarity
  • Construction of tangent to a circle
  • Real-life Problems related to different Solid Objects, Trigonometry – Concept of Measurement of Angle
  • Construction – Determination of Mean Proportional
  • Pythagoras Theorem
  • Trigonometric Ratios and Trigonometric Identities
  • Trigonometric Ratios of Complementary angle
  • Application of Trigonometric Ratios – Heights & Distances
  • Statistics – Mean, Median, Ogive, Mode and Numerical Aptitude.

Physical Science Syllabus
● Measurement
● Force & Motion
● Atomic Structure
● Mole Concept
● Matter – Structure and Properties
● Solution
● Acids, Bases & Salts
● Work
● Power & Energy
● Sound
● Heat
● Separation of Components of Mixtures
● Water
● Concerns about our Environment
● Behaviour of Gases
● Light
● Periodic Table and Periodicity of the Properties of Elements
● Ionic and Covalent Bonding
● Chemical Calculations
● Thermal Phenomena
● Current Electricity
● Electricity and Chemical Reactions
● Inorganic Chemistry in the Laboratory and in Industry
● Metallurgy
● Atomic Nucleus
● Organic Chemistry and General Awareness.

VOCLET 2020 Syllabus

The complete information regarding the Voclet syllabus is mentioned below:

Mathematics Syllabus
● Complex Numbers
● Algebra of Complex Numbers
● Cube roots of unity and its properties
● D-Moivre’s Theorem
● Sequence And Series: A.P., G.P.
● Quadratic Equations
● Solutions of Quadratic Equation in a complex number system
● Binomial Theorem
● Definition of permutation – combination with formulae
● Binomial Theorem for the positive integral index, the general term, the middle term
● Matrix and Determinant
● Cramer’s rule [unique solution]

● compound angles – multiple and sub-multiple angles
● The general solution of trigonometric `equation
● Inverse circular function.

Coordinate system
● The distance between two points
● Section formulae
● Formulae for an area of a triangle
● Straight-line – different forms
● An angle between two straight lines
● The condition of parallelism and perpendicular of two straight lines
● The distance of a point from a given line
● Standard equation of a circle
● Simple properties of parabola, ellipse, hyperbola.

● Function
● Identity polynomial
● Rational
● Modulus and signum functions with their graphs even, odd
● periodic and parametric functions
● Differential calculus, limit and continuity
● Differentiation of parametric, logarithm and implicit functions
● Successive differentiation up to 2nd order problems
● Application of derivatives
● Integral calculus: Integration by substitution, by parts.
● Definite integral – evaluation of definite integral
● Application of definite integral
● Differential equation: solution of the differential equation of First-order Solution of a homogeneous differential equation of First-order and First degree.

Science Syllabus
1. Physics
● Units of measurement
● The dimension of physical quantities
● Motion in a straight line; definitions, Graphical analysis. Equations of motions.
Scalar and vector quantities, Scalar and vector products of vectors
● The frame of reference Newton’s laws
● Law of conservation of linear momentum
● Friction
● Uniform circular motion
● vehicle on level circular road / banked road
● Work, Energy & Power
● Centre of mass
● Moment / angular momentum,Problems
● Moment of inertia and radius of gyration
● Law of gravitation
● Gravitational potential
● Kepler’s laws of planetary motion
● Geostationary satellite
● Elastic behaviour, Hooke’s law; Young modulus, bulk modulus, shear modulus of
rigidity, Poison ratio; elastic energy
● Pascal’s law and its application.
Thermal physics
● Thermal expansion
● Ideal gas laws
● Isothermal and adiabatic processes
● anomalous expansion calorimetry, Cp, Cv
● Heat transfer
● Newton’s law of cooling
● Thermal conductivity
● Thermal equilibrium
● Zeroth law /First law of thermodynamics
● Equation of state of a perfect gas
● Kinetic theory of gases
Periodic motion
● Simple harmonic motion [SHM]; Simple pendulum, free, damped and forced vibration

2. Chemistry
● Chemical Industry
● Chemical Equation
● Percentage composition
● Empirical formula
● Molecular formula
● Extranuclear Structure Of Atom: Orbital, subshell, shell
● Quantum numbers [n, l, m, s] ● Pauli Exclusion Principle
● Hund’s rule of maximum multiplicity
● Aufbau principle
● Ground state electronic configuration of the atom
● Classification of Elements
● Periodicity in Properties: present form of the periodic table, S – block and P – block elements. Periodic trend.
● Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure – Hybridisation involving s and p orbitals and shapes of some simple molecules.
● Hydrogen Bond
● Gaseous State Of Matter: numerical problems
● Liquid State of Matter
● Thermodynamics System: Types of system, Work, heat, energy
● First Law of Thermodynamics – internal energy and enthalpy, Entropy and Gibbs Free Energy
● Second Law of Thermodynamics. Significance of the relationŸG = ŸH – T ŸS.
● Equilibrium And Acidimetry–Law of Mass Action
● Le Chatelier Principle – simple application.pH and the pH scale
● Buffer solution
● The simple calculation of pH
● Acidimetry and Alkalimetry
● Hydrogen, Water: Expression / Estimation of hardness of water
● Estimation of hardness of water
● Important water quality parameters and their significance
● Hydrogen Peroxide
● Preparation And Uses of Sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide, calcium oxide, bleaching powder, borax, limestone.
● Organic Chemistry And Organic Compounds: Estimation of nitrogen [Kjeldahl’s Method]

Classification of organic compounds
● IUPAC nomenclature, Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes, Arenes, Fuels,
Petrochemicals, Lubricants
● Environmental Chemistry: Soil/ Air/ Water Pollution
3. Fundamentals of Mechanics
● Concept of Engineering Mechanics: Statics & Dynamics, Scalar quantity, Vector quantity, Addition & subtraction of Vectors
● System of Forces: Definition of Force, System of CoPlanar forces, Resultant Force, problems
● Moment & its Applications: Definition & Type, Physical significance, Simple problems
● Equilibrium of Force system: Lami’s theorem, Condition of equilibrium of co-planner & concurrent force / non-concurrent force system, related problems
● Friction: Concept of Friction & its types, Simple problems
● Simple Lifting Machines: Definition of common terms, Study of Simple machines.
● Centre of Gravity: Concept & definition, Formulae for centroids of simple areas.
Simple related problems
● Moment of Inertia: Definition, Theorems, Radius of Gyration, related problems
● General Awareness

Computer Application
● Introduction to Computer Systems: Definition, Evolution, Generations, Computer Systems
● Computer Organisation
● Input and Output Devices
● Computer Memory
● Number Systems and Computer Codes
● Computer Software and Programming Languages: Definition and classification of software
● DOS: Working with MS-DOS Commands
● Algorithm
● Flowchart
● Concept of High and Low-Level Languages
● Windows OS
● Word Processing
● Spreadsheet
● Internet: Browsing, Use of search engines, E-Mail
● Numerical Aptitude

JEXPO & VOCLET Admit card / Hall ticket

The vital information regarding the JEXPO and VOCLET 2020 Admit card is mentioned below:

  • The Admit Card will be available from May 2020.
  • The candidates can download the Hall Ticket from the official website one or two weeks prior to the examination.
  • After downloading the admit card, check the particulars such as Name, Roll Number, Address, Exam etc. carefully.
  • In case of any mistake in the admit card, report the same within the specified time limit.
  • Candidates must bring the admit card on the day of examination. Without it, candidates will not be allowed to enter the Examination Hall.

JEXPO & VOCLET 2020 Result

The details of JEXPO and VOCLET 2020 result are given below:

  • JEXPO VOCLET 2020 result date is May 2020.
  • Candidates can download their result online from the official website.
  • Qualified candidates will have to appear for the Counselling session.
  • Candidates will need their login id and password to check the JEXPO and VOCLET 2020 result.

JEXPO & VOCLET 2020 Counselling

The vital information regarding the JEXPO and VOCLET counselling is mentioned below:

  • JEXPO counselling has been started from Admission of candidates will be done through the Counselling process.
  • Qualified candidates will be called for the Counselling session along with the Important Documents to be verified i.e, Birth certificate, Educational certificates & Caste certificates etc.
  • Candidates failing to produce these documents at the time of Counselling will have to face the cancellation of candidature.

Diploma Courses Offered through JEXPO and VOCLET 2020

The complete list of diploma courses offered through the exam is given below:

  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Computer Science & Technology
  • Computer Software Technology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
  • Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering Industrial Control
  • Footwear Technology
  • Electrical Power System
  • Food Processing Technology
  • Instrumentation and Control Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Interior-Decoration
  • Leather Goods Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering (Production)
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) & Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Mining EngineePrinting Technology
  • Renewable Energy
  • Survey Engineeringring
  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Multi-Media Technology
  • Packaging Technology
  • Mine Surveying
  • Photography
  • Printing Technology
  • Renewable Energy
  • Survey Engineering

JEXPO 2020 and VOCLET 2020 Exam Centers

JEXPO and VOCLET 2020 entrance exams will be conducted in all district in West Bengal.

The expected exam centres are listed below.

    • Kolkata – North
    • Kolkata – South
    • Kolkata – Central
    • South 24- Parganas
    • North 24- Parganas
    • Howrah
    • Hooghly
    • Purba Bardhaman
    • Paschim Bardhaman
    • Nadia
    • Murshidabad
    • Birbhum
    • Bankura
    • Purulia
    • Purba Medinipur
    • Paschim Medinipur
    • Jhargram
    • Malda
    • Uttar Dinajpur
    • Dakshin Dinajpur
    • Darjeeling
    • Jalpaiguri
    • Alipurduar
    • Coochbehar
    • Kalimpong

List of Polytechnic Colleges in West Bengal

As per the West Bengal State Council of Technical & Vocational Education and Skill Development official website, there are 144 Diploma / Polytechnic colleges listed under various category i.e Private, Government, Government Sponsored.

Kanyashree Scheme

  • Candidates covered under the Kanyashree scheme will get a 50% fee waiver in Registration/ Counselling and Admission.
  • And, also candidates will get Accommodation in Hostel.

Number of Seats (Intake) List

The detailed College wise / Branch wise list along with the number of intakes (seats) is given below in PDF.

All Institute Branch Combinations West Bengal Polytechnic.


Who conducts the JEXPO and VOCLET 2020?

West Bengal State Council of Technical Education (WBSCTE) conducts the JEXPO AND VOCLET 2020 exam.

What is the difference between JEXPO and VOLCET?

JEXPO is for admission in the first year of engineering and technology while VOCLET is for admission through lateral entry.

How can i apply for JEXPO and VOCLET 2020 exam?

Candidates can apply through online mode by visiting the official website.

Is there any age limit for JEXPO and VOCLET 2020?

No, there is no age limit for the JEXPO AND VOCLET exam.

What are the courses offered through JEXPO and VOLCET 2020?

JEXPO and VOCLET offers admission in various diploma courses in polytechnic, electronics, and technology

Has jexpo 2020 exam date postoned due to coronavirus?

There is no such official notification yet by the authority.

What is the postponed date for jexpo 2020 exam?

The authority will release the notification soon.

Is voclet 2020 examination postponed due to covid-19 outbreak?

The VOCLET 2020 exam date has not been postponed yet but the application form submission dates have been extended.

When will be the voclet 2020 exam conducted after the postponement?

The exam dates are still the same. however, the authority will release the notification regarding the same on the official website.


JEXPO AND VOCLET 2020 is also popular as the Joint Entrance Examination for Polytechnic or West Bengal Polytechnic.

WEST BENGAL STATE COUNCIL OF TECHNICAL & VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND SKILL DEVELOPMENT (Erstwhile West Bengal State Council of Technical Education) A Statutory Body under Government of West Bengal Act XXVI of 2013.

Address: Karigari Bhavan, 4th Floor, Plot No. B/7, Action Area-III, Newtown, Rajarhat, Kolkata–700160

The official website for WEBSCTE is

The information brochure is released by West Bengal SCTE and available. Candidates can download HERE.

  • Download JEXPO 2020 Information Brochure Here.
  • Download VOCLET 2020 Information Brochure Here.

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Finally, for more updates and information related to VOLCET & JEXPO 2020, stay tuned with EntranceZone.