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NCERT Class 5 Books : CBSE Textbooks PDF Download


NCERT Class 5 Books: Class 5 is the phase when students are well aware of their abilities. Independent learning is involved in fifth grade to strengthen the students’ skill. At this stage the students are involved in the extra curricular activities. NCERT Books for class 5 is designed in such a manner that advances the academic as well as the activity. With the growing level of education, children are exposed to much deeper thought about the subjects and topics. And NCERT books for the fifth grade justify the learning process  of the children.

Under the strict guidelines of CBSE, NCERT publishes the books for various standards. NCERT books are widely used by the CBSE schools across the nation.  One can have the digital form of the NCERT textbook for class 5 through the NCERT site. 

CBSE Class 5 Overview

CBSE NCERT Class 5 Books
Exam Name  CBSE Class 5 Exam (Internal Exam)
School Board Central Board of Education (CBSE)
Conducting Body  Respective Private Schools
Medium  English
Exam Frequency  Breakdown into 1 to 3 terminal as per the school
Official Website https://www.cbse.gov.in/

NCERT Books For Class 5

Class 5 students have to study  4 compulsory subjects such as Mathematics, English, Hindi,  and EVS . Check out  the pdf of the subjects from the link given below. 

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  1. NCERT Book For Class 5 English PDF
  2. NCERT Book For Class 5 Maths PDF
  3. NCERT Book For Class 5 HIndi PDF
  4. NCERT Book For Class 5 EVS PDF

Content For Fourth Grade As Per The Subjects In NCERT Textbooks

The subject details along with the topics are given below. 


NCERT Class 5 Mathematics Books
Units Topics
Unit 1 The Fish Tale
Unit 2 Shapes and Angles
Unit 3 How Many Squares?
Unit 4 Parts and Wholes
Unit 5 Let’s Make Patterns from a Drop of Colour
Unit 6 Be My Multiple, I’ll be Your Factor
Unit 7 Can You See the Pattern?
Unit 8 Mapping Your Way
Unit 9 Boxes and Sketches
Unit 10 Tenths and Hundredths
Unit 11 Area and its Boundary
Unit 12 Smart Charts
Unit 13 Ways to Multiply and Divide
Unit 14 How Big? How Heavy?


  • Marigold 

NCERT Class 5 English Books
Units Topics
Unit 1 i) Wonderful Waste!

ii)  Ice-Cream Man

Unit 2 i) Flying Together

ii) Teamwork

Unit 3 i) Robinson Crusoe: Discovers a footprint

ii) My Shadow

Unit 4 i) My Elder Brother

ii) Crying

Unit 5 i) Rip Van Winkle

ii) The Lazy Frog

Unit 6 i) The Talkative Barber

ii) Class Discussion

Unit 7 i) Gulliver’s Travels

ii)Topsy-turvy Land

Unit 8 i) The Little Bully

ii)Nobody’s Friend

Unit 9 i) Sing a Song of people
Unit 10 i) Who will be Ningthou?

ii)Malu Bhalu

  • Grammar Syllabus

NCERT Class 5 English Grammar Books
Units Topics
Unit 1 Prepositions
Unit 2 Nouns
Unit 3 Verbs
Unit 4 Tenses
Unit 5 Adjectives
Unit 6 Pronouns
Unit 7 Conjunctions
Unit 8 Adverbs
Unit 9 Punctuations
Unit 10 Antonyms & Synonyms
Unit 11 Vowels & Consonants
Unit 12 Animal sounds
Unit 13 Syllables
Unit 14 Story Writing
Unit 15 Silent Letters
Unit 16 Writing Composition
Unit 17 People and their work
Unit 18 Family relation vocabulary


NCERT Class 5 Hindi Books
Units Topics
Unit 1 राख की रस्सी
Unit 2 फसलों के त्‍योहार
Unit 3 खिलौनेवाला
Unit 4 नन्हा फनकार
Unit 5 जहाँ चाह वहाँ राह
Unit 6 चिट्ठी का सफ़र
Unit 7 डाकिए की कहानी ,कंवरसिंह की जुबानी
Unit 8 वे दिन भी क्या दिन थे
Unit 9 एक माँ की बेबसी
Unit 10 मज़ा खटोला
Unit 11 चावल की रोटियाँ
Unit 12 गुरु और चेला
Unit 13 स्वामी की दादी
Unit 14 आस – पास
Unit 15 बिशन की दिलेरी
Unit 16 पानी रे पानी
Unit 17 छोटी-सी हमारी नदी
Unit 18 चुनौती हिमालय की


NCERT Class 5 EVS Books
Units Topics
Unit 1 Super Senses
Unit 2 A Snake Charmer’s Story
Unit 3 From Testing to Digesting
Unit 4 Mangoes Round the Year
Unit 5 Seeds and Seeds
Unit 6 Every Drop Counts
Unit 7 Experiments with Water
Unit 8 A Treat for Mosquitoes
Unit 9 Up You Go!
Unit 10 Walls Tell Stories
Unit 11 Sunita In Space
Unit 12 What if it Finishes…?
Unit 13 A Shelter so High!
Unit 14 When the Earth Shook!
Unit 15 Blow Hot, Blow Cold
Unit 16 Have you seen such scenes around you?
Unit 17 Across the Wall
Unit 18 No Place for Us?
Unit 19 A Seed Tells a Farmer’s Story
Unit 20 Whose Forests?
Unit 21 Like Father, Like Daughter
Unit 22 On the Move Again

How To Download The NCERT Class 5 Textbook?

Those who want to download the NCERT e-Books for Class 5, one has to follow the given steps. 

  • Go to the NCERT official site i.e https://ncert.nic.in/
  • Locate “Publication” in the home page  and from the drop down menu click on PDF (I-XII)”
  • Enter  “Select Class”, “Select Subject”, “Select Book Title” and click on “Go”
  • Download the chapters individually or the complete book. Click on “Open” button for individual chapters OR
  • Click on the “Download Complete Book” 
  • Download the chapters and take the print of it. 

Class 5 Syllabus

Apart from the 4 main subjects, children have to also  study the subjects such as:

  1. General Knowledge
  2. Computer Science

Let’s check the details view of the above mentioned subjects

 General Knowledge

The topics covered under the general knowledge study are:

NCERT Class 5 GK Books
Festivals of India
Invention of air bollom
Invention of anemometer
Invention of ball pen
Rivers of India
Indian Languages
Discovery of Bronze
Invention of compact disc
Invention of cellular phone
Natural Wonders
Famous leaders
Famous people
Noble prize winners
Computer bytes
Scientific terms
Asian games
Cricketers around the world
Sportsperson and nickname
Indian Airports
Mountains and peaks

Computer Science

NCERT Class 5 Computer Books
Chapter Name Topics
Windows 7
  • Features of Windows 7
  • Using Desktop
  • Window Explorer
  • Viewing content of a file/folder
  • Copying
  • Moving
  • Deleting and restoring a file
  • Finding a file and folder
  • Customizing the desktop
  • Desktop gadgets
  • Copy formatting to another selection
  • Applying superscript effect
  • Finding and replacing the text
  • Page formatting
  • Printing a document
Working with Styles and Objects
  • Applying Bull in style
  • Creating a style
  • Inserting word art
  • Creating a text art
  • Working with shapes
  • Placing text in shapes
  • Using drawing tools
  • Inserting clipart
  • Symbols and special characters
  • Applying shadow
Working with tables
  • Creating a table
  • Entering data
  • Modifying a table
  • Inserting and deleting columns rows in a table
  • Formatting a table
  • Changing column width
  • Splitting or merging cells
  • Applying borders and shading
  • Resizing tables
  • Calculations in a table
  • Updating the total 
Software and its types
  • What is software
  • System software
  • Application software
  • Graphics
  • Multimedia and presentation software
MS Powerpoint 2007
  • Starting MS Powerpoint
  • Creating a new presentation
  • Built in Templates
  • Using themes and inserting smart art
  • Viewing the presentation
Slide organisation in Powerpoint
  • Changing the slide layout
  • Editing and deleting text objects
  • Moving and copying objects
  • Inserting textbooks
  • Rearranging a slides in an outline tab and slide sorter view
  • Inserting clip art
  • Working with word art
  • Rotating/Resizing a picture, shape, text or object 
  • Using shadow effect
Formatting a presentation
  • Working with Slide Master
  • Creating a new custom layout
  • Changing colour scheme
  • Background color
  • Using fill effects
  • Applying formatting effects
  • Applying indents and working with slide outline

Booklist For Class 5

Grade 5 booklist is available here:

NCERT Class 5 Book List
Subject Book Name 
Maths Book  Math Magic 
English Book  Marigold
Hindi Book Rimjhim (रिमझिम) 
EVS Looking Around

List Of Olympiads For Class 5

Olympiads help the students to be aware about the competitive world. Class 5 children are full of curiosity about new things that help them to view the broader aspect of the questions. Fifth graders are considered to be grown up as they develop analytical thinking skills. The students of class 5 can take the listed olympiads.  

  • Class 5International Science Olympiad (ISO)
  • Class 5 International Maths Olympiad (IMO)
  • Class 5 National Essay Olympiad (NESO)
  • Class   5 English International Olympiad (EIO)
  • Class 5 General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO)
  • Class 5 National Social Studies  Olympiad (NSSO)
  • Class 5 International Computer Olympiad (ICO)
  • Class 5 International Drawing Olympiad (IDO)


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