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J S University – Shikohabad, Uttar Pradesh

J S University – Shikohabad, Uttar Pradesh
J S University

The J S University is founded under the Shri Jagdish Jan Kalyan Education Trust which mainly works for delivering quality education to the rural students and focuses on the rural development. They focus on ‘Progress through the proper application of knowledge. The Uttar Pradesh state Government is working under the leadership of Shri Akhilesh Yadav who has been continuously contributing and encouraging for the development of this university so that the residents of Uttar Pradesh become more and more educated and literate. The University offers a number of programs to the students who are willing and interested in taking higher education in any desired field.

J S University – Overview

Along with the educational part, J S University also focuses on the all-round development of the students. The students are made socially aware. They are also being exposed to many national and international opportunities and are groomed culturally also.

The J.S University gives a number of facilities to the students studying there so as to make their learning experience more comfortable, flawless and effective. The facilities are as follows:

  • Hostel

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  • Mess and canteens

  • Healthcare facilities

  • Transport facilities

  • Banking and ATM facilities etc.

Due to this, the university is continuously on the path of development and spreading the importance of education.

J S University – Application/Admission Procedure

In the admission process of J.S University, a lot of importance is given to checking the creativity and the innovation skills of the candidate. The candidates will be selected on the basis of their skills like debating, dance, music, art, sports etc. But before that, they will have to apply online to get the admission into the university. The application process of the university is as follows:
  • The candidate must search for the application form online and create an account.

  • After the candidate receives the unique Id and password of his account, he must use those details and login to his account.

  • His account will have a link to application forms. The candidate has to open it.

  • There are a number of fields to be filled on the application form, like-

Personal details: Name, Date of Birth, Address etc.

Contact details: contact number of the candidate and parent, E-mail Id etc.

Qualification details: marks scored in the previous exams etc.

  • The candidate must then upload his recent passport size photograph and signature. He also has the option to first print the application form and then affix his photograph and make the signature. (But it is preferable to upload it online)

  • Then the payment of application fee has to be done.

To get admission in JS University all the aspects of the personality of the candidate are taken into consideration and then the final selection is done. The eligibility criterion and the fee structure changes from course to course

J S University – Mission, Vision, Policy

The mission and the vision policy of any organization make its administration flow into one and same direction. The J.S University’s predetermined set of Visions, missions, ethics and principles and rules and regulations have always been a guiding path for its staff as well as its students. J S University mission and vision policies are as follows:

  • Major focus on the skill development of the candidates so as to make a future based on that skills that are expected by the economy.

  • To include a higher teaching quality on all grounds- knowledge, applicational knowledge, literacy awareness, social awareness, technology and the methods of teaching on the micro as well as the macro level of the world markets.

  • Being one of the most effective teaching institutes and mold quality students in the university.

  • To make each and every student literate as well as educated

  • To literate, the students about the on-going situation sin the economy and training them in accordance with the need of the hour.

  • To provide a better center of learning of the chosen course and also the education of values, principles, and ethics.

  • To educate the candidates in spite of the poor background, caste, creed, religion etc.

J S University – Accreditations, Awards, Achievements

J S University has been getting a continuous support from the political parties and the national and international educational institutions due to which it has been continuously developing and improving in delivering the good quality education to the students.

Following are some of its milestone recognitions, awards, achievements, accreditations etc.:

  • It has been recognized by the following institutions-

Pharmacy Council of India (PCI)

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)

Bar council of India (BCI)

National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE)

  • The Best Education Quality Award.

  • Best Technology Award

  • Best Education in Uttar Pradesh Award

  • Research and Development award in many fields in which they carry out the research.

And many more titles from many recognized institutions.

This is making the position of JS University more respectable in the society.

J S University – Courses Offered

J S University offers a wide range of courses to the students of Uttar Pradesh. It mainly focuses on rendering the higher education and education facilities in the field of research also. Right from the beginning, it has been focusing especially on the research facilities in various fields. Whichever field or stream or course it may be. JS University has always been proving and delivering a good quality education to the society. The JS University provides many graduation and post-graduation courses in the following fields:

  • School of Fire and Safety

  • School of Information and technology

  • School of Veterinary Science

  • School of Arts and Social

  • School of Education

  • School of Media and Communication

  • School of Management

  • School of Science

  • School of Commerce

  • School of Agriculture

  • School of Law

  • School of Pharmacy

  • School of Multimedia and Animation

  • School of Engineering

Diploma courses, graduation and post-graduation courses or even the doctorate degree courses can be completed by the candidates under the same roof.

J S University – Research At a Glance

The JS University pays special attention to the research activities in all the fields. This is because they want to progress and excel in each and every field with the practical application of knowledge. Thus, in all the Schools, they offer a special Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs to create a learning and research environment and ability in the students’ mind and attitude.

Campus Location/Address

J.S University(JSU)

5 Km Milestone,

Mainpuri Road, Shikohabad,

Uttar Pradesh- 283135.