LinkedIn Placements offers 1000s Jobs in 35 corporates

LinkedIn Placements

After opening LinkedIn India office it has been steadily expanding. LinkedIn recently opened a Bengaluru office in June 2016, in order to facilitate Indian talent in the tech startup space. This move came just days before the acquirement news by Microsoft.

LinkedIn online jobs classifieds vertically compete with,,, and others globally.

LinkedIn Placements

Keeping in mind the huge potential population of the student in India, LinkedIn Placements  is available for everyone -location no bar, college no bar, the student need to appear for one test for 1000s of job openings, It is a kind of support a college student provides by having student users take an online assessment test by Aspiring Minds, CoCubes, HackerRank and Wheebox collaborated for the same.

LinkedIn is associated with professionals networking, but after acquisition Microsoft now wants it to be a connecting platform for students and corporate in India. LinkedIn’s Placements feature product has been pilot tested since November 2015. The product is now available to students at colleges and universities in India and the first round of placement process is started.

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The last date to submit the online application available at LinkedIn Placements is Sunday 23rd October. So, basically, students can log into the site and give an online assessment test which will give them access to the 1000s of openings in 35 corporates in India.

LinkedIn makes one of its first big announcement post-Microsoft acquisitions. The company has revealed three strategic initiatives aiming students, professionals, and companies. One should know LinkedIn has 37 million members in India which are 10% of its global user database making it the second-largest in the world that is now being considered as the growth field by many companies. The three initiatives are LinkedIn Lite, LinkedIn Placements, and LinkedIn Starter Pack.

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