Careers That Define The Next Decade 2020-2030


Careers That Define The Next Decade 2020-2030: The surge in technology in the 21st century has opened up new fields and hence new job opportunities for the people. Since the world is moving online, there might be new jobs opening up to handling laws, jurisdictions, rights and  day to day activities of this new internet based citizen. Some of the most up and coming jobs for the future are. This article looks at which jobs will be in most demand in the next 10 years.

Cyber Security


There is always a demand for software developers, admins in the IT sector, but from recent trends it is obvious that the need for proficient cyber security professionals is very high in demand.

  • As the world is moving online, the need to protect and secure all the services, users from malicious hackers is a priority for every business. Thus more and more companies are looking to hire cyber security professionals and for now these are in very short supply.
  • The demand for the cyber security professionals is hence only to grow. Some of the jobs in the cyber security field are Network Security Engineer, Cyber Security Analyst, Security Analyst along with many others.

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Data Scientist

The field of Data Science and Machine Learning is at its boom and the need for its highly qualified professionals is very much in demand and is predicted to only keep growing.

  • Every organisation can benefit from the data they have and to productively benefit from it, they need well trained and educated data scientists.
  • The salary for these professionals can start from 5 lakh per annum in India and is only set to increase with experience. 

Robotic Engineers

  • The scope of a robotics engineer is ever growing. Colin Angle who is the inventor of the Roomba, believes that vacuums and other robotic toys will be prevalent in the near future.
  • The demand for qualified robotics engineers is about to grow. The demand for robotics is in many fields such as manufacturing, medical, military as well as agriculture.
  • The robotics field also utilizes technologies such as AI to create smart robots to help with elderly care, help and rescue missions, and other difficult tasks. These difficult tasks which were done by humans at the risk of their physical health will slowly and surely be delegated to robots.
  • Many market research reports also indicate that the robotics market is to grow by 11.92% and reach USD $79.58 Billion by 2022. Hence people should definitely invest in the robotic engineering field as a serious career choice

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Financial Planner

A financial planner is someone who helps people manage their money. 

  • Financial planner help people analyse and choose their investments, insurance and other financial products.
  • Financial planner services also might include planning for retirement, tax planning as well as education plans.
  • Financial planning is a thriving career for the future as almost everyone needs help with their finances going from individuals to multinational organisations.
  • Especially with the economic recession coming the professionals with a certification in this field can provide financial advice to different clients from budgeting to investing. 

Digital Marketing Specialist

As the world is going more and more online, even the businesses will have to serve their online market by making an online presence.

  • This online market industry is huge and needs professionals who can proficiently make a business presence available to the right customers.
  • Hence the digital marketing skills are in huge demand as brands are putting ever more focus on this field. And as more people are coming online, businesses have much more data on their customers which can be put to full use by better marketing by the digital marketing specialists.

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Marriage and Family Therapist

A marriage and family therapist are professionals who help people overcome issues with their families and relationships.

  • Before this profession was popular people used to sort these issues out with their other family members and friends which led to a lot of biased opinions and in turn unhappy relationships.
  • Therapists who are properly trained look and serve their customers from an unbiased and healthy way of dealing with their day to day situations. More so as the taboo for therapy is coming down and people welcome the need for a therapist with much more welcome arms. Hence we think a therapist is going to be a high in demand career choice for the future. 

Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical Engineering is a field that involves biology with engineering hence considered a multidisciplinary STEM field.

  • It utilizes engineering in medical services to address a wide range of injuries and physical disabilities.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the jobs in this field will increase by 7 percent in the coming decade.
  • The bio-engineers work with doctors, therapists and researchers and develop systems to solve several medical problems. Also with the coming aging generation living longer they will need and prefer biomedical services for their grievances.  

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Mobile Application Developer

As smartphones and the internet become a daily part of people’s lives, the demand for mobile application developers is huge. More and more people prefer smartphones then their desktops for assessing day to day information and services. 

  • Even more with the internet being available at high speeds and becoming omnipresent people will depend on these applications to operate their daily life as they already are for most scenarios.
  • And with more upcoming technologies such as Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence becoming more popular the mobile app industry is continuously expanding at a rapid speed.

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Block chain Developer

Block chain gained popularity because of cryptocurrency. It has given rise to a new field of development. Block chain development is used with cryptocurrencies to implement peer-to-peer services. A block chain developer is responsible for creating web apps using this technology. 

There are two types of block chain developers. 

  • The core developers and
  • software developers 

Industries such as cyber security, education, banking, healthcare have already started using block chain technologies and this trend is going to continue into other sectors as well. Hence there is great demand and scope in choosing this career.

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